Zero Landfill Operation

Heartland Label Printers has taken a close look at our manufacturing processes and how they affect our community and impact the planet.

Heartland is working with Greenwood Fuels, Inc. on a new and exciting energy process. Heartland is changing its business practices in order to become a "Zero Landfill" production operation in our Wisconsin manufacturing facility. This process involves sending our waste paper matrix to be combined with dried paper sludge, a waste product of paper manufacturing. The material is then added to the paper waste and converted into fuel pellets. These are then used as a fuel source to replace coal for commercial energy generation. These pellets burn much cleaner than coal.

Less Waste

So, what does this mean to you? How does it affect your customers' demands for sustainability from you and your supplier?

By converting plant waste into fuel pellets, Heartland Label is saving approximately 1,400 tons of waste per year from ending up in the landfill.

Through this cutting edge process, approximately 1,000 tons of coal per year are saved from being used to generate electricity and just as importantly, not being stripped or mined from the Earth.

Wind Energy

Additionally, Heartland purchases a percentage of its operational electrical supply from the use of wind generated electricity.

Producing less landfill, reducing coal usage, emitting cleaner emissions and using wind power means Heartland is doing its part to reduce, renew, and reuse. It's better for our environment, and it's just the right thing to do. We will continue to look at innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint in the manufacturing of our product lines.